The great facilities on offer

Main Hall

main hall

  • Approximate size is 8.5m x 15.0m (127.5 m2) excluding stage area
  • Stage area is 2.8m x 6.2m (17.3 m2) with access from the rear. Can be extended into the hall to 3.4m x 6.2m (21 m2)
  • Stage lighting is controlled from a gallery at the opposite end of the Hall
  • Seating capacity for dancing is 120
  • Seating capacity for theatre style is 180
  • Maximum capacity is 220
  • A Badminton court is marked on the Junkers Beech wooden floor
  • Heating is provided by hot water radiators

Millennium Lounge

  • Approximate size is 6.1m x 6.8m (41.5 m2)
  • Seating capacity is maximum 40 persons
  • Floor finish is carpet over cement screed
  • Heating is provided by hot water radiators
  • Can be used as additional side room of the main hall or separately

Committee Room

  • Approximate size is 3.9m x 6.6m (25.7 m2)
  • Seating capacity is 15 persons
  • Floor finish is carpet over cement screed
  • Heating is provided by electric convector heaters
  • Can be used separately or as a room to support stage productions
  • Has direct access to the rear of the stage (two doors)

Small Hall

  • Approximate size is 4.2m x 11.0m (46 m2)
  • Can be used for small functions or as a support area for functions using the main Hall
  • Floor comprises wooden boards
  • Heating is by hot water radiator

Snooker Room

  • Contains a full size snooker table and is used in conjunction with the Small Hall Room
  • The table is not available for general hire but may be played upon with agreement of the Great Bromley Men's Social Club who own and maintain it


main hall

  • Recently fully refurbished, the approximate size is 3.4m x 5.0m (17 m2)
  • Equipped with cooker, fridge, sinks, water heater and work-tops
  • A full set of crockery and cutlery is available on request
  • Can support either Main Hall, Committee Room, Lounge, Snooker Room or Small Hall
  • May have to be shared between concurrent users of the Village Hall

Car Parking

  • Space exists for approximately 60 cars in two main parking areas around the Village Hall.
  • Further parking is available on the roadside or in a nearby lay-by