Management Committee

Village Hall trustees form the Management Committee which comprises Elected and Representative Members and may include Co-opted Members. All trustees are elected or appointed annually.

There are up to five Elected Members, up to seven Representative Members appointed by appointing organizations named in the Deed and up to three Co-opted members on the Committee. A quorum at management committee meetings is formed when one third of the members are present.

Management Committee Members

Currently (2018) the committee comprises 5 elected and 5 representative trustees:

  • Martin Frostick (Chairman & Secretary)
  • Jackie Lear (Treasurer)
  • Mary Fawcett (Bookings Manager)
  • Kate Strowbridge
  • David Beech
  • Sue Clark
  • Richard Lawson
  • Andy Lear
  • Jenny Kaye
  • Kathryn Ealden